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About Pertria

Real estate decisions have evolved beyond simply seeking a home in a good location. Continuous change and uncertainty make it more important than ever to consider real estate strategically—as an investment, financial strategy, and as satisfying our emotional need for having a place to call home. Although there are vast amounts of data available for decision-making, it is only helpful within the context of an individual's unique circumstances, goals, and resources.

Pertria is a collaboration of select professionals working in concert to interpret data and provide clients with expert guidance and exquisite care. Whether investing in a home, capitalizing on an emerging opportunity, or mitigating unseen risks, we deliver integrated real estate solutions based on solid financial practices, fiscal responsibility, and long-term planning.


Helen Pastorino Founder & CEO

If you don’t have a non-cash negotiating point, you will be negotiating cash. — Helen Pastorino