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Property Management

Income-producing real estate has at least two goals—generating predictable revenue and protecting your investment’s value and ROI potential. Professional property management plays a critical role in overseeing tactics and logistics, as well as minimizing your investment risk and optimizing value over time. Whether it's a residential apartment complex, single-family home, or business office—we address the elements that are critical to protecting your investment.

Critical Success Factors


Insurance is one of the most important—and most overlooked—aspects of a successful income-producing property. Location, price, interest rate, and rental costs are important factors, but anything can happen to a property. If the insurance policy does not adequately address current building code standards, catastrophe coverage, or appropriate special coverage as a rental property, its potential ROI can evaporate overnight. We make sure that proper insurance is in place to protect your investment.

Market Knowledge

Knowing the local and regional rental market includes having a full understanding of rent control policies, ordinances, zoning restrictions, and the status of possible legislation that could impact the property and its rental potential. Our expertise in real estate valuation enables us to propose modifications or structural improvements that would support increased rents while securing long-term residents and minimizing vacancies.


Knowing the loan structure on the property—interest rate, fixed vs. adjustable, and length of term—is essential for maximizing value and return. If market rates decrease, we notify you and provide options. We assess and monitor the property's financial performance to identify opportunities for short-term costs that reap long-term gain.

Strategic Planning

When appropriate, we create and implement a plan and budget for identified capital improvements that optimize your investment's return. This is not only important to obtaining top-dollar rents and remaining competitive in the market place, it ensures the property is ready to be sold or exchanged if an opportunity arises for achieving an enhanced return.


Our property management team uses AppFolio to simplify management and automate key aspects of managing your property. You have access to the Owner Portal; a Tenant Portal provides a single point of contact for tenants; and vendor access enables efficient maintenance project tracking. Owners receive regular financial reports and maintenance documentation through the portal. AppFolio also enhances tenant screening, handles applications and contracts, and accelerates move-in. AppFolio automation and intelligence optimizes our efficiency while freeing you from the detailed complexity of managing the property.

Pertria Property Management Essentials

We include professional real estate photos of your rental property to showcase property assets and attract responsible tenants.


Our in-depth application process includes comprehensive background and credit checks, and job verification, as well as rental and eviction history.


Fast onboarding with our online system turns applicants into lessees quickly, minimizing vacancy and preserving cash flow.


We optimize market exposure through: 30+ syndicated sites; on-demand showings; social media; realtor networks; and relocation networks associated with Google, Facebook, Apple, and Tesla.


We maintain strong relationships with vetted and insured maintenance vendors to ensure responsive service and repairs.


Our automated rent payment system ensures that payouts for occupied properties are distributed to the owner by the 8th of each month.