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    Successful real estate investment requires the same discipline and strategy as any other type of investment. Proximity is key. The more experienced you are with all of the factors involved in making a good decision, the more likely you are to achieve timely goals. That's why investors choose Pertria.


    We have unmatched experience in localized residential real estate investment. Our team has successfully navigated the volatility of buying, selling, and managing properties in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties for more than three decades. We also work with trusted expert partners who can help our clients manage complex factors that impact their real estate goals, such as inheritances, divorces, impending IPOs, 1031 exchanges, large stock sales, and others.

    Setting Goals

    We help each client identify specific investment goals. You might prioritize cash flow to generate regular income that exceeds associated costs. Some investors seek capital appreciation and equity to grow a real estate portfolio. Others invest to leave a legacy for heirs, while benefiting from cash flow and potential appreciation in the meantime. Whatever your goal—we analyze all of the variables to help you make the best decision.


    With a concrete goal in view, we create an investment strategy designed to achieve it. Critical to a successful strategy is identifying your level of personal involvement. Do you want to be hands-on? Do you prefer to delegate the details and receive regular updates? You tell us. We'll make it happen.

    Superior Management

    Professional property management is essential to reaching your goals. From ensuring proper insurance coverage and loan structure to attracting, onboarding, and servicing tenants—Pertria minimizes vacancy and preserves cash flow.