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Lou Pambianco
Startup Sandbox CEO

Sailing is one of my serious passions. My Heartbeat racing sailboat sails out of the harbor weekly with me at the helm and the crew in the pit. I intended to move to Santa Cruz from Saratoga and had a long-time, well-known broker who had always managed my moves and investments. That was before meeting Helen Pastorino. Late in the evenings I would scan home listings in Santa Cruz. One evening near midnight I checked a home that was for sale, and within moments I had a response from Helen stating she had observed this was my third visit to this home online and could she be of help. Months later we purchased our Santa Cruz home on 14thAvenue from her, and she sold our home on Wardell in Saratoga. Subsequently, she sold our investment property on 10th Avenuein Santa Cruz while a standing-room-only crowd of people waiting on the sidewalk. My sister purchased one of the Pinn Brothers buildings on Saratoga Avenue from Helen for her business. Helen has amazing business acumen, and I am appreciative of her skills and her friendship.